Instead of filing your reUse/street turn requests one by one, it is now possible to submit multiple reuse requests at once

Please note that this bulk upload does not take into account any price agreements you may have with the shipping line. Only the standard prices will be applied. Requests with price agreements need to be uploaded via the traditional procedure in the platform.  

Follow the below steps to get started!

  1. Go to your reUse overview page and click on ‘upload requests’.

  2. Download the template

    Afbeelding met tekst
Automatisch gegenereerde beschrijving

  3. Open the template and populate it with your data:  

    The template is a standard Excel file that must be filled out the way it has been redacted. Changing columns, using another format, etc. will cause the upload to fail. Also, make sure not to delete the column titles as the information you fill out in row 1 will be lost.


    Fields with a * are mandatory.  If you hover over the upper right corner of the cells, you’ll find more information on the format. The below table explains some of the fields and for reference, we added the reuse request form mapping:


    1SCAC code Shipping line *only fill out the SCAC code of the ocean line, no additional information
    2UNLOCODE discharge port *only fill out the import location code (UNLOCODE format), e.g. BEANR  
    3UNLOCODE loading port *only fill out the export location code (UNLOCODE format), e.g. BEANR
    4Container number *has to be 4 letters, 7 digits, no spaces or signs (- /) , e.g. XXXX1234567
    5Export booking ref *   
    6Reuse date *   
    7Reference client

    Import SCACrequired in North America, motor carrier SCAC

    Export SCACrequired in North America, motor carrier SCAC

    Chassis numberrequired in North America

    Seal numberrequired for some locations
    More details about the use of SCAC codes and UNLOCODE are covered in the article: Bulk upload - info about SCAC codes & UNLOCODES

  4. Return to the platform and upload your file in the dialog, you can select a file by either dragging it into the pop-up or selecting it by browsing your files. Then click on ‘save’. 

    Afbeelding met tekst
Automatisch gegenereerde beschrijving  

    Afbeelding met tekst
Automatisch gegenereerde beschrijving 

  5. At this point, there are 3 scenarios: 

    1. Scenario A - your file is correct, continue at 6.
    2. Scenario B - there are some errors in your file, continue at 7.
    3. Scenario C - every entry in your file is incorrect, continue at 8.

  6. Scenario A - All rows in your template are correct.  
    If your file is filled out correctly, you will be asked to read and accept the T&C of the shipping line(s). 

    Afbeelding met tekst
Automatisch gegenereerde beschrijving 



    Your requests are now filed and pending in the reUse overview. 

  7. Scenario B - Some of the rows in your template are correct, some are not: 
    If some of the rows in your file are correct, those requests will be filed and go to pending status in your reUse overview.
    The platform will give you the chance to correct the lines with an error. 

    Download the report. Only the failed rows are still in the file and the errors are marked in red for you to correct.
    Upload the corrected files and finish filing your requests. Continue doing step 7 if required to get all errors solved.

  8. Scenario C If none of the lines were correct, you will see the following pop-up and can download the report. 


    The incorrect lines will be displayed in red. You can correct them and upload your corrected file. 

Want to automate even more? Ask the experts about our API capabilities.