Sometimes it happens that the shipping line declines a re-use request, although it is still possible to get the approval afterwards. When the parameters for the automatic integrated requests on our platform are not yet updated, or the booking system has not been updated with the latest status info about the container this can occur with one of your requests. To avoid extra e-mails and telephone calls, you can always ask for revision of your request on our platform. 

Before requesting for approval, please always check the decline reason first by clicking on the arrows left:

The shipping line will receive your request in their reuse overview for follow up. 

Your request will change from the decline status to 'awaiting approval' in blue. In your reuse overview it looks like this:

When revised and everything is ok you will get notified automatically of the approval, and the request will turn green on the platform to the 'approved' status.

Please note: You can only request for approval once! If your request goes to the declined status again, it is definitively declined by the ocean line.

If needed, you can still cancel your request for approval when the status does not change so that the reserved amount of the reuse request becomes available again on your balance: