Watch the screen recording below (click to enlarge):

Or follow the detailed step-by-step description below:

  1. Go to the tab 're-use empty container' and click on 'new request'
  2. Fill in the requested fields from top to bottom
    • select a shipping company
    • select an import location: where you received the container
    • select an export location: where you are going to reload the container (The price for this request will now appear in the lower left corner) 
    • fill in the container number
    • fill in the export booking 
      • if you want to request another container for the same booking reference, click on the 'duplicate' button 
      • if you want to request another container with a different booking reference, click on 'add a container' (only possible when the shipping company, import and export location are the same)
    • select a reuse date
    • reference client: not mandatory. This is a field that you can use freely
    • comment: not mandatory. This is a field that you can use freely
    • read the Terms and Conditions and accept them by checking the check box. (The button 'submit request' will now appear)
    • click on 'submit request'
  3. After clicking submit request, you will be redirected to the reuse overview page where your request will appear as 'pending' (orange) 
  4. As soon as the shipping company has checked your request, the status will change to 'approved' (green) or 'declined' (red)

  5. Click on the double arrow in front of the request to see more details: when you filed the request or why your request has been rejected, …

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