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Match empty containers: Share a reuse with another transporter or find convenient matches based on distance!

What's new :

Avantida gives you several options to match and share a reuse with a colleague transporter. With our tool 'Match empty container' we can offer more options to find matches in our system, or to share your import container or export booking! 

To meet your requirements we have made some improvements in the application:

We are pleased to announce that we can show you these steps. What has exactly changed?

  • You will now be able to see by choosing with the filter in the first tab all import containers and export bookings in ‘all available'. In this overview our system will already show you if matches are found, so you can accept to reuse the container in one go.
  • The company details will be shown in the offer posted on our platform, but you will also be able to contact the offering party immediately by e-mail.
  • We added the option to go into the details of the offer posted, so you have all information you need to accept the offer and match!
  • We changed and renamed the second tab 'created by me' and made it possible to go to your own offers posted and create requests based on matches found from here in just a few clicks.   
  • In the third tab 'history' all your offers will stay visible. You'll have options to check the status, all details about your posted offer and by which transport company it has been claimed.

This is how it looks like in the first tab 'all available'

  • Check the list of available containers or bookings 

Login to, go to the application ‘match empty container’ and choose the first tab ‘available containers/bookings’.  


Use the filters to check if someone has posted an offer that could match with what you have. (import or export) 

  • Type: here you choose between import containers OR export bookings 

  • Load location

  • Author (Company)



If you see a possible match, click on ‘details’ to have all information needed about the container number or export reference: 






Option 1: 

You can check the matches that are found in our system. Go to ‘view matches’: 



Option 2: 

You are able to contact the company who posted an offer per e-mail, copy and share the link to ask questions/make arrangements. If no matches are found on the platform, you can click on ‘view matches’ anyway and issue a ‘custom’ reuse request with your own details. 


Choices you will see is to choose for the options given by the system, based on offers posted for your import container or export booking. Or, you can still create a ‘custom’ reuse request with your own details : 




You now have a normal pending reuse request in your reuse overview. 

As soon as the shipping line approves it you are ok to go. 

If there is no convenient offer for you in the list, you can actively post your offer so other transporters can find it in the list: 


  • click on the button ‘create new’ and choose to post your import or export offer


In the tab 'created by me'  you have an overview of your posted offers. 

If needed you can filter on import containers/export bookings: 

By clicking on the 3 dots behind the post, you will be able to view details and matches, cancel, send a link, or issue a similar offer: 

If you want to proceed with a match, you can just choose for the option and 'create your request' from here! 

  • History:

Check all offers you have posted by status and who has claimed them. You can create similar offers from here and copy.