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Download your invoices from the Avantida platform!

It can always happen that after reloading your account you miss an invoice, did not receive it or it ended up in your spam box and was deleted. We now have a solution where you can simply download a copy of this invoice from our platform!

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Go to Balance – and click on Balance overview:

In your activity view you can select a date, or apply a range of dates by clicking on the filters and choose the option ‘top-up balance’ to see the uploads on your balance. For each top up you can click on the arrow and your invoice will be downloaded in a PDF file on your PC:


The activity view has now also been improved with more filter options to see specific details about a certain transaction:

Scroll down to see all filter options you can select. You can even add additional data to specify your request. To go into the detail of that transaction you just click on the paperclip in front of it:

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