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Payment model for New-Zealand and Malaysia

Dear transporter/forwarder,

In the near future, we will be welcoming more shipping lines to Avantida platform. To make that possible, we have updated our voucher payment flow, so that you will be able to file reUse requests for several shipping lines instead of one.

Don't worry! Not much changes: you still top up your account with vouchers beforhand and all your colleagues can use the same vouchers for your company's reUse requests. As always, a voucher is only used for an aproved request. If your request is declined by the shipping line or you have to cancel it, the voucher will become available again.

The only difference is that you will have to select for which shipping line you are buying vouchers. Each shipping lines determines the price of their own vouchers, but 1 voucher is still 1 reUse. The other difference is that, due to new legal requirements, vouchers will not be refundable once they have been purchased and they will expire in 90 days from the purchase date.

Click here to go to the new user guide

The vouchers that you already have on your account will stay available. They can still be used for all requests. Only your new vouchers will be for a specific shipping line.

In addition to the new payment flow, we have also added a new Voucher View to your Balance Overview where you can see exactly how many available vouchers you have for which shipping line. It also shows you which vouchers are about to expire, so you always have a good overview of your company's balance.

Click here for more information on your Balance Overview

Kind regards,

The Avantida Team