Reusing import containers reduces CO2 emissions and avoids unnecessary kilometers, but it's not easy to calculate what distance or emissions have been avoided. We have some tool that can help you with this exercise.

To start calculating your savings you can add the following details when submitting a reuse request:

  • Port of discharge of the import container
  • Unload location of the import container
  • Load location of the new export booking
  • Port of loading of the new export booking

We use the container unload and load locations to calculate the savings of your company. We are not sharing these specific location details with anyone else. 

The saved distance, time and emissions are calculated: avoided empty trip of the emptied import container + avoided empty trip of the empty export container that needs to reach the trucker - distance between unload and load location.

In the below example that would be the following:

The aim is to give your company a picture of CO2 and distance + time saved per reuse. 

You can retrieve your estimated savings in 2 ways:

  • View them on the platform
  • Export the data via the export functionality: 
    The exported file will contain 3 columns with your savings