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Earn money on your balance by requesting a depot change! Update


We offer this feature together with several shipping lines for quite some time already. 

To avoid possible shortages or excesses of containers at certain depots, ocean carriers will pay you a certain amount on your balance for that transaction.

  • Please find in this link the current earnings per ocean carrier and per depot. (Subject to change)   

We keep you updated with a new overview every week: 


How does this work and when will this amount be visible on my balance? 

When you enter your request the earning will be reflected with this icon in the drop down menu of the desired location:

As soon as this is approved by the ocean carrier you will get the notification. Only a couple of days after the drop-off or pick-up date this amount will be added to your balance.

Only at the moment the request is finalized, you will see this in the details of your request:

And in your activity overview:


How do we handle these kind of transactions and what should you do with the self billing invoice?

Credits have now been added to your balance, so you will receive a self billing document which looks like an invoice but with the description 'credits earned'

You do only need to book this as a 'sale' in your bookkeeping. To be in line with our VAT policy we need to send you this document for our and your administration.

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