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Containermoves - Earn credit on your balance and negotiate the price with the shipping line before accepting a container move

You can earn money on our platform by accepting an empty container move!

It is very easy:

  • Go to Container moves:

  • Check which container move(s)can be interesting for you and click on the 'accept' button:

  • The accepted request will appear in your overview in the pending status for a short period. The shipping line offering the move, will become visible:

  • You will get the answer from the ocean carrier and details of this work order will appear in your screen. You can move the container:

  • Once the amount is paid, and the fee is added to your balance, you will see the status changing in 'green'

           The cashback to your balance will be completed just one or two days after the last day of the validity period, so this can take a a while:                 

NEW  > Negotiation options added:

Imagine that one of the shipping lines is offering an interesting container move for you of an empty or full container.

You will mostly see the profit for that certain move on the right side of this offer.

There are 2 possible situations.

  • The shipping line has an idea of the cost of the ride and they show you a proposed amount for the profit. This is an invitation to negotiate the profit and propose a counter-offer for this amount:

  • The shipping line is not able to estimate the cost of the ride, and will not show you the profit yet. This is an invitation to do a profit proposal before you accept to execute the container move:

By just clicking on the 3 dots on the right side of the offer, you can confirm the move after you have provided the date of pick-up of the container. You can add the proposed price before the shipping lines sees your negotiated price, for both 2 situations as described above.


After you have completed this box and confirmed, the move will appear in your overview and will be handled by the shipping line.

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