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CMA-CGM UK - Info automated approval & approval time

Dear transporter/forwarder,

We are very proud to announce that CMA UK is offering reUse of empty containers via Avantida and that the approval will be completely automated. What does that mean for you?

Nothing changes as far as the filing of the requests. Requesting a reuse is exactly the same as for the other shipping lines.

The only difference is that CMA will not approve manually, but that our platform will receive an answer from CMA’s system.

Practically this means that:

  • There will be 3 ‘pending’ statuses
    • The orange pending state that you are used to
    • ‘Awaiting gate out’ in purple
    • ‘delayed’ in purple

We’ll explain the meaning of these ‘purple pending statuses’ here below.

  • The system will take about an hour to answer to your request
    • When the full container has been gated out from the terminal. If that is not the case, it will take an hour from the moment it is gated our. These requests will get the purple status ‘awaiting gate out’. Please note that even when the container has been gated out, it might stay in this status for about an hour.
    • Since it may take the system up to an hour to answer, not Avantida, nor CMA can do anything to speed up that process. Please refrain from calling/mailing before an hour has passed.
    • Only when the approval takes more than an hour, we can check if there might be a problem. In that case, you can send an e-mail to

  • The requests will only be approved on the day of reuse.
    • You can still file your requests at any time but, the system will only be able to answer on the day of reuse. That answer will be sent during the night so you can see the answer first thing in the morning.
    • These requests with purple status ‘delayed’.
    • The system does do some checks beforehand, so the number of declines are very low. Over 90% of the requests will be approved.