In China and Singapore a request can be paid as soon they have been approved by the ocean line. 

  1. Before you can get started a credit card needs to be linked to your company account
  2. At any point in time you can follow up the amount due on the platform in the navigation bar on the right top corner. After 7 days you will get a friendly payment reminder overview of all your approved requests that need to be paid. After the payment reminder you have 7 days to make the payment, as described below in this manual. If you don't make the payment in time the amount will be charged on the linked credit card.
  3. A 'pay' button will be displayed as soon as there are request that can be paid.
  4. Once you click on pay you get to see an overview for which request you will be paying:
  5. After clicking 'submit payment' you will be directed to the payment method selection. You can choose to use the saved card or select any other payment method. Besides the common credit cards we also have wechat, alipay and other local payment methods available:
  6. An invoice will be sent to you via email. Or you can download the invoice by clicking on the 'amount due' component which will open the details of your financial activities. In the table on the screen you can find payments and the download button to retrieve the invoice.