Before you can submit any request to the ocean lines on the platform it is required to link a credit card to your company account. We do NOT require a credit card for every user of the company, one credit card is enough for the entire company. Note that this credit card will only be linked and no charges will be made to the card.

The card can only be used in case invoices are not being paid on time.

  1. Once your company account is created the platform will look like this:
  2. Currently no credit card has been linked. If you submit a request at this point a pop-up will be displayed. You can either add your card now or skip for now. If you skip this step your request will stay in the system but will NOT be visible to the ocean line.
    When skipping this step the request will also clearly be marked that valid card data is needed:
  3. To make sure ocean lines can see your request and can start approving them a credit card needs to be added. This can be done in a few ways:
    1. via the popup that is displayed after a request is submitted
    2. Via the 'add card information' button in the green navigation bar on the right top corner of the platform
    3. A third option to add a credit card is by opening the company management page
      The credit card information section is on the right button corner:
  4. Using the 3 described paths above will lead you to the payment method selection page where you can choose the card you want to link to the platform:
    No sensitive data will be stored on the Avantida platform. Your data is stored on the Payment Provider side, no colleagues that have access to the avantida account could read the card details and provided details.

  5. Enter your card details, no charges will be made to your card at this point in time:
  6. Limited information is displayed about your stored card in the company management page:
  7. Should you have placed any requests that are marked with 'card data invalid' you can resubmit them now

How to edit your current card or replace an expired card

  1. Open the company management page via the menu
  2. The credit card is display on the right bottom corner of the platform. Click on the pencil icon to update it. Follow the steps to link a new card