If you followed the below steps you should be able to add import container, add export booking and browse for matches.

Once you find a good proposal you can convert this item into a request. That could be a reuse empty container request or a depot change request.

  • Click on 'view matches', select a matching item from the reuse or the depot change tab. If none of the proposed options work, you can still file a custom request.
  • Select the checkbox in front of the option you want to proceed with.
  • The platform will now take you to the request form and will prepopulate most of the data. The fields that are not filled in can still be completed now.
  • Once the request is created and is in the pending status the match will appear in the 'history tab' in the 'in progress' section. The import container and export booking are now not visible anymore to prevent duplicate matches.
  • After the ocean line has given the approval if will move to the 'finalized' section. If the ocean line declines the reuse or depot change request the import container and export booking will become available again for matching.