Need to issue a request on our platform, but you don't have enough credits on your balance?

You can choose to set a 'threshold limit' on your company account and we will warn you by mail when your balance is running low.

Setting up this Low balance warning is fast and easy:

  1. go to and sign in with your credentials
  2. Click on 'Balance/vouchers' in the ribbon on top of your screen and you will see the option 'Low balance warning'
  3. Click on the Low balance warning menu item
  4. Activate the notifications button 
  5. Fill out the amount/number of vouchers you want as your threshold
  6. enter the e-mail address(es) where you want to receive the notification (you can enter multiple e-mail addresses, separated by a comma and they will all receive the same low balance warning)
  7. Click on 'save changes'
  8. When your balance drops below the chosen amount, we will send an e-mail to the chosen address(es)
    Here is an example of the warning mail you’ll receive: