The Avantida Platform works with a prepaid system:  You first have to buy vouchers and then you can start filing requests (1 voucher is 1 request).  

General Information about the vouchers:  

  • Each Shipping line has their own vouchers with their own price.  
    • For reUses with CMA Malaysia, you buy vouchers for CMA Malaysia, for reUses with CMA NZ, you buy vouchers for CMA NZ, etc. 
  • Vouchers are used by your entire company 
    • One person buys vouchers and all the colleagues can use them 
  • Vouchers are only used when a request is approved 
    • When the shipping line declines your request or you need to cancel an approved request, the voucher becomes available again for a new request  
  • Vouchers are non-refundable 
    • Due to some national laws, vouchers cannot be refunded once they are purchased 
  • Vouchers expire in 90 days 
    • Make sure you use them before they expire.  

Buying Vouchers 

Buying vouchers only takes a minute: Connect to the platform on and click on ‘Top-up’ 

First select a voucher type (=for which shipping line) 


then choose how many vouchers you would like to buy by clicking on one of the options or by entering an amount of your choice in the last box.  

The number of vouchers of your choice will turn green as well as the button 'select payment method'. Click on 'select payment method'.  






Please note> Wire transfers: Subject to availability! 

Choose an 'online payment' if you need your vouchers immediately or choose 'wire transfer' if you if you can wait a few days:  

Online method = vouchers immediately available 


If you have chosen an online method, you will be redirected to our payment provider, Ingenico Travel Hub 

Choose ‘online payment’ and also one of the options shown for your country.  Then click on ‘proceed with payment’  


Check the summary and confirm by clicking on 'pay'  


Follow the payment instructions of the method you chose and click on ‘Pay’ (or cancel if you want to start over) 


If successful, you will be redirected to the Platform where your credits will be available  

An invoice will be generated automatically and sent to your invoice e-mail 


Bank transfer = vouchers available after a few days 


 If you have chosen a Wire Transfer you’ll see the screen below:  

Check the information on the summary and confirm by clicking on the pay button  

Afbeelding met tekst 
Automatisch gegenereerde beschrijving 

The Payment Instructions will appear on your screen.  Always use the correct bank account and mention the unique payment reference when you make the wire transfer 

  • The bank account numbers may change, so please copy form the payment instruction instead of saving it in your system. 


  • The payment reference is unique to every order, so please also copy form the payment instruction as it will be different for every order. 


Click on ‘go to open payments’ or close 

The payment instructions remain available in your balance overview until the transfer has arrived. 

Afbeelding met tekst 
Automatisch gegenereerde beschrijving 


Afbeelding met tekst 
Automatisch gegenereerde beschrijving 

As soon as your payment has arrived (this may take up to 3 working days), your balance will be topped up, an invoice will be generated automatically and sent to your invoice e-mail.  



The amount of available vouchers is displayed in the top bar in your account. They will be available for 90 days before they expire. 



For more detailed information, you can click on ‘Vouchers’ and then ‘Balance Overview’.  

Afbeelding met tekst, visitekaartje, schermafbeelding 
Automatisch gegenereerde beschrijving 


In your balance overview you will find the tab ‘Voucher view’ where you can see: 

  • how many vouchers are available 
  • for which shipping line the vouchers are 
  • when vouchers were bought  
  • when vouchers expire (90 days from the purchase date) 


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