CMA reuse requests

Dear customer,

If you have requested to street turn an empty CMA CGM container, you may have experienced too many declines or even response delays. Here's a great tip to help you speed up the process:

Location, location, location!

When revising a street turn request, CMA CGM checks the Export Location as approval criterium. The Export Location you need to select is the Port of Loading (where the container will be loaded onto the vessel).

For instance, you have an empty import container you want to street turn in the US, and will be dropping it off at a rail yard in Phoenix, AZ. The container will then be brought to Houston, TX, where it will be loaded onto the vessel. The Export location you need to select is US Gulf (Central), where it will finally be loaded.

Declined? Submit a new request!

If your request has been declined with the following reason: "The export booking reference is unknown in the selected ExportLocation. Please make sure to select the correct ExportLocation.

This means that you have not selected the location corresponding to the Port of Loading.
You will therefore, need to create a new request.

CMA will process your new request as soon as possible!

Kind regards,

The Avantida Team!

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