Login to platform.avantida.com and choose ‘search/offer empty container’ 


  • If you would like to post your offer, click ‘post a new offer/search 


You choose for the option: offer an import container: 


In the required fields you add:  

  • Shipping line 
  • Import location 
  • Current location 
  • Container number and type 

Please make sure for the sharing date that enough time is given to the requesting party to load for export! Click on 'submit’  


The offer will appear in your overview and can be seen by all other transporters  

It will remain available until it has been accepted by the transport company who requests a reuse for it. Once that reuse has been approved by the shipping line, you will receive the contact details of the other transporter in your request and per e-mail. You can filter with the above tabs to specify your overview. 

To cancel you just click the button ‘remove’ 


  • If you want to take an offer: 

You just check what is available for you, and ‘take it’: 


If there is a ‘match’ for an export booking, the system will give you automatically a proposal which you can take: 



You will be asked to make a reuse request to export the container for this specific carrier. When you take a ‘matched’ offer, the export booking is already linked to that container : 




The request will appear in your reuse overview and will be picked up by the ocean carrier for approval/decline. 



You will just have to wait for the approval, when the request turns ‘green’ you are ok to go!