1. With the earnings of a depot change the transport company will receive a “sales invoice” at the end of the month. We would like to have this same functionality for the credits we buy during the month, can you make this happen too?
    No, we will continue working with the prepaid system as it is for buying credits on our platform in connection with Ingenico. This will automatically generate the invoice per order.

  2. What is this self-billing invoice and what do I have to do with it?
    Self-billing is an invoice in your name to Avantida:
    With an 'earning request' Avantida pays you instead of the other way around.
    Therefore we need an invoice from you to Avantida. To make things easier for you, we decided to make those invoices ourselves and send them to you at the end of the month. This transaction is called 'self-billing'.
    These invoices are purely meant for bookkeeping purposes. The invoices need to be booked in your bookkeeping as sales invoice

  3. Tell me how I can earn money now on your platform instead of paying for my requests.
    You can change the pick-up or drop-off location of empty containers on our platform. Some carriers decided to pay you for these depot changes instead of having you pay for them. These requests are called 'earning requests'.
    So when you make an 'earning request', credits will be added to your account instead of deducted from your account.

  4. Which shipping companies offer earning requests?
    Just as with any other depot change request, the availability changes constantly according to the stock in the depots. When you select a depot in the platform, you will see the options at that specific time.

  5. I made my earning request a day ago. When will the earnings be added to my account?
    The credits will be added a few days after you made the request. This process cannot be speeded up.

  6. Can I have a list of carriers and depots that offer earning requests?
    No, Avantida doesn't keep a list of prices.
    The shipping companies are responsible for their prices and depots and keep the availability up to date in the Avantida Portal. That availability is adapted on a daily basis, so it is not possible to keep a fixed list.
    You can, however, simulate the request if you want to know exactly how much the request will cost you.

  7. Can I, except for the sales invoice at the end of the month, also get an overview of all “earnings” which have been successfully approved by the carrier?
    You can easily check all credit transactions in the "administration" tool in the menu. You can click on "buy credits" and then "credits transactions history"
    To check all depotX requests where you earned money on your balance you can also check your requests in the platform

  8. Can I export my earning requests separately from my paying requests to PDF/Excel? Is there a filter in the platform for earning and paid requests?
    No, there is no separate filter, but you can export the entire list to Excel and then filter on 'earning requests'

Still got questions? Let us know at support@avantida.com.