How to top up your balance – Malaysia | Singapore 


When you register on Avantida platform, your company will be assigned a Balance to file requests. All users of your company can use that same balance for all applications (reuse, change of deposit, ...). There is no need to pay for each application separately.  

As soon as you have finished that balance, or there is not enough left for a new request, the button ‘pay’ will appear in the right upper corner of your screen. 

Connect to the platform and click on ‘reload’ 




The spent amount is displayed on the next screen. Click on ‘select payment method’ to choose a payment method 









Choose an 'online payment' and one of the options shown if you need your balance topped up immediately or choose 'wire transfer' if you if you can wait a few days: 


Click on the desired method and then on 'proceed with selected method'. 






Option 1: If you have chosen an online method, you will be redirected to our payment provider.  


Check the dates and confirm by clicking on 'pay' 




  • Follow the payment instructions of the method you chose 




  • If successful, you will be redirected to the Platform where your credits will be available 

  • An invoice will be generated automatically and sent to your invoice e-mail 




Option 2: If you have chosen a Wire Transfer you’ll see the screen below:  

Check the information on the summary and confirm by clicking on the pay button 

  • The Payment Instructions will appear on your screen (Make sure to use the correct bank account and the unique payment reference when you make the wire transfer) 

  • Click on 'confirm' 




Your order and payment instruction are now available in your balance overview 



As soon as your payment has arrived (this may take up to 3 working days), your balance will be topped up, an invoice will be generated automatically and sent to your invoice e-mail.