Login to platform.avantida.com and click on "top up" in the top right corner of your screen

Click on ‘buy credits

Fill in the amount of your choice and click on "buy” (there is no minimum amount) 

A Sales order number will be generated (Country code + Year + 5 digits- e.g. US201700007)


  • you can still cancel the order if you made a mistake and start over


Choose how you would like to pay:

  1. With an online payment method: click on 'Select payment method' (your payment will be processed in a few minutes and you'll be able to make requests right away)
  2. With a wire transfer: click on 'pay with wire transfer' (it will take a few working days before the payment arrives. You can only start making request after it has)

If you have selected an online method:

  • you will be redirected to our payment provider Ingenico
  • Check if the selected amount is correct (if not, you can click on 'cancel' at the bottom and go back to avantida platform to correct the amount)
  • Choose an online payment method by clicking on the logo and follow the banks' payment instructions
  • It might take a minute or so for the system to process the payment. DO NOT leave the site. The system will redirect you to the platform once it is processed.
  • Your balance is now topped up and you can start making requests!

If you have selected wire transfer:

  • a pop-up wil appear with the bank details and the payment reference. Please make sure to mention the correct reference.

  • remark: you will see the message 'There is still an open sales order for you, that is why you cannot purchase new credits at the moment. Please settle the payment first or contact Avantida Support.'

            This message will disappear once the payment has arrived. So don't worry if you have made the transfer and the message is still there. It just means the payment hasn't arrived yet.

  • If you haven’t made the bank transfer yet, and you wish to pay online instead, you can still click on ‘select payment method’ and pay online


The invoice will be generated automatically and sent to your invoice e-mail address the moment payment arrives. For an online payment method, that will be immediately, for a bank transfer it will take a few days.