You quickly want to find that particular container request in your history?  Well, make your life easy and use or search and filters to fasten and narrow down your search.

Our Search bar is located right in front of you in the top section of our screens.

Standard the search feature provides you the container number search, but if you prefer you can use the pull down menu to switch to exportbooking search.( see later in this article)

Just type in your container number, hit <ENTER> or click on the 

As a result you will only get the request for that container number

Do you prefer to look at all the containers you requested for a certain export booking, just change the search criteria by clicking on the arrow next to the Container number and the option Export booking reference will appear.

Enter the booking reference number, to show all containers requested for that export booking reference

All the containers for that Export booking reference are now in one view.

Also interested to see how filters work?  Find the options listed in this article.

We hope this tip has been useful to you and welcome your comments on how we still can improve our support to you.

Wishing you a pleasant day

The Avantida Support team