Our DepotX, reUse or CertiWeight certificates applications all work with prepaid credits.

These credits can be used for any of our applications and for all the carriers listed in our Portal.

So, before you start with our applications and entering your request, you will have to buy credits.


Click on "top up" in the top right corner of your screen

Click on ‘buy credits

Fill in the amount and click on "buy

An order will be generated (Country code + Year + 5 digits: BE201701243 / US201700007 / ES201700012)


  • you can still cancel the order if you made a mistake and start over


Click on "select payment method"

You’ll be redirected to Ingenico where you’ll get to see every option available in your country (visa, iDeal, Sofort, bank transfer, …)


· If you choose an Online method  (anything but bank transfer) the credits and the invoice will be available immediately. We recommend you use this method, as it is the fastest and safest way of working.


· if you choose Bank transfer:

o The  credits and the invoice will only be available around 48 working hours after payment! In case of long weekends or holidays in BE the bank transfers can be delayed

o No  proof of payments will be accepted

o A  unique reference will be provided (RFxx xxx xxx xxx x) which has to be mentioned  on your transfer. If it is not mentioned, the system will reimburse you automatically (may take up to 7 working days) and no credits will be dded to your  account. IMPORTANT: WHEN YOU ARE DOING THE BANK TRANSFER, MAKE SURE YOU ONLY MENTION THE RF REFERENCE, WITHOUT ADDING OTHER THINGS.

Choose your  payment method by clicking on the icon.

ð Go to step 2.1 in this manual for  Online payment

ð Go to step 2.2 in this manual for Bank transfer

2. 1    If you choose one of the online methods the instructions of the bank will be provided. 

    Example visa: 

  •      Fill in the requested fields 
    • or click ‘back’ to choose another payment method
    • or click ‘cancel’ if you want to cancel everything

  •       Click on 'Yes I Confirm my payment'   

  •       If Successful, you will be redirected to the Portal where your credits will be available



     2.2    If you choose a Bank Transfer you’ll see the  screen below: 

  •      Click on 'Yes I Confirm my payment'
    • or click ‘back’ to choose another payment method
    • or click ‘cancel’ if you want to cancel everything 
  •  You’ll get a screen with the bank details and a unique payment reference which you have to use when paying 
    • Print/save this page so that you can use the payment details when making the transfer (an e-mail will also be sent to the address that’s in the portal)
    • If you make the transfer without this unique reference, the money will be reimbursed after a week and the payment will stay open. No credits will be added to your account
  •   Close the tab and go back to the Portal, buy credits.
    • You’ll see your sales order with payment status ‘pending’. It will stay in status pending until your wire bank transfer reaches Ingenico
    • If you haven’t made the bank transfer yet, and you wish to pay online instead, click on ‘cancel Payment’. The button ‘select payment method’ will reappear and you can choose another payment method
  • Use the payment details you received to make the bank transfer 


The invoice will be generated automatically the moment payment reaches Ingenico. For an online payment method that will be immediately, for a bank transfer it will take a few days.