DepotX allows you to change the location where to pick-up or drop-off an empty container linked to a booking.

In order to know if this is possible and the price, you need to enter a request and see the options

Sometimes the drop-off/pick-up can be for free, sometimes you'll need to pay a fee depending on the selected Depot and the type of container selected.


To make your first request, follow the guide!


  • Click on "request a Drop-off/Pick-up change" like below:

  • Pick-Up change:
    • Enter your export reference, the container size&type and the number of containers you want.  

  • Select the carrier and your location

  • Now select one of the available depots

  • Select the pick-up date & location


  • Accept the terms & conditions and click on request:


  • Drop-off change

    • Enter the container number, the container size & type

  • Select the carrier & location, the original drop-off location and the desired one in the list. Select the date you will drop-off the container:

  • Next to the drop-off location you will see the prices for each change.

  • Accept the terms & conditions and click on request:

  • To check the status you can go back to the Dashboard and click on "Go to DepotX"  or click on "Requests" on the left panel:

  • In this view you will see the list of requests and their status:

  • In order to Cancel a request, clic on the green circle on the right

  • Clic on "Actions" and then Cancel: