Avantida's Certiweight application allows you to buy and submit VGM Certificates for all containers that have gone through a physical weighing at CertiTerminals in Belgium and the Netherlands.  The list of locations can be found on the Certiweight website : Certiweight locations.

To obtain your VGM certificate, you will have to be a registered user on the Avantida platform.

  1. Login to the Avantida platform (platform.avantida.com)

  2. On the right side of your screen under the Certiweight logo, you can fill in the containernumber or bookingnumber you want to buy the VGM for.

    3. As soon as you've filled in the containernumber/bookingnumber, click on search.

    4. Click on "buy" (you need to have credits available to go further. Process here)

    5. Verify and correct the information if needed. Select the box to allow CertiWeight to send the certificate to the carrier. Accept the terms & conditions and             click on "Obtain certificate" or "Cancel" to be reimbursed and abort the certificate generation.

    6. A Notification message will appear to confirm that Booking reference is correct:

        Click on "No" to go back to the previous page to edit the Booking number

    7. Click on "download certificate" or "email certificate" to send it by email. You can also print the page by clicking on the printer logo.

8. Click on the "+" sign, enter the email address and click on "send"

9. If you choose to "Download certificate" you will get a pdf document like this: