Login on https://portal.avantida.com, go to the "Reuse" module and select "Request re-use"


Fill in the following mandatory fields:

  • containernumber
  • export reference ( or export booking reference)
  • Carrier = owner of the container
  • Import location = Port where the full import container was collected for import
  • Export Region= Port where the export container will be loaded onto the Vessel
  • reUse date

The fields 'client ref.' and 'Comment' are optional and meant for your own use.

Read the terms and conditions and check the box next to 'I agree to the carrier's latest terms and conditions'.

Then click on "Request reUse"

Your request now has been sent to the carrier.

You can find your request under 'reUse' 'Requests'

It will have the status 'pending' while it is awaiting the carrier's approval


The carrier will review your request either manually or through automation and your request will be either approved or declined


When a request is declined, the reason for it will be available in the details of your request.

You can enter the details by clicking on the geen circle on the right.   

When you believe this reason is incorrect, please send an email to our support team (support@avantida.com). We will be happy to check with the carrier if an overrule of the request is still possible.