New Application: use your colleague transporter's empty container for reuse!

Dear transporter/forwarder,

As mentioned in the media in the last days, there is a shortage of equipment and empty containers are harder and harder to find.

To try and help with this shortage, we have decided to speed up the launch of our newest application.

Since we are launching it sooner than originally planned, you will notice that it is a little rough around the edges and that some translations are still missing.

We will refine this in the next weeks, but in the meanwhile, you can perfectly use the new application.

So, we are happy to announce that, from now on, you can reuse the empty import container of a colleague transporter in the neighbourhood.

This means that you can offer your own empty import equipment that you don't need on our platform to other transporters who can reuse it for an export booking.

Or, if you need an empty import container yourself, you can search on the platform if someone in the neighbourhood has one to offer

How does it work:


Login to and choose ‘find/offer empty container’ 



click on ‘post a new offer’ 



 Fill in the required fields:

  • container number
  • import location, 
  • current location, 
  • container number and type. 
  • Share until: Please make sure that, if the reuse is not approved or nobody takes your offer, you still have enough time left to bring the container to the designated depot! 

           We advise you share until the day before the deadline.

 Click on 'create offer'


The offer will appear in your overview and can be seen by all other transporters  

It will remain available until it has been accepted by another transporter who requests a reuse for it.

Once that reuse has been approved by the shipping line, you will receive the contact details of the other transporter in your request and per e-mail. 

You can filter with the above tabs to specify your overview.


To cancel you just click the button ‘remove’ 



You just check what is available in your area by using the filters and click on ‘take the offer’: 


You will be redirected to the reuse request form that you already know. 

Make a reuse request to export the container.  The ocean carrier and container number are already filled in : 




The request will appear in your reuse overview, and will be picked up by the ocean carrier for approval/decline. 



You will just have to wait for the approval, when the request turns ‘green’ you are ok to go!  



Once the reuse has been approved, you will receive the contact details af the other transporter in your request and per e-mail.

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